Clockwork Films is a full service commercial production company, photography studio and post-production, animation & design house with offices in Australia & New Zealand. Clockwork Films represents a diverse stable of Directors and Photographers with genre specific specialisations.

Founded in 2007 with the aim of delivering a client first experience; this winning formula launched us onto the BRW Top 100 Fast Starter List. We have gone from strength to strength and are now considered one of the industries most respected and leading production companies.

Benefitting from our experience allows you to instantly tap into the Australian & New Zealand production ecosystem with confidence.

Clockwork Films is guided by our principles: excellence in production, humility in relationships, joy in service… We work harder. We work smarter. We punch above our weight. So your project runs like clockwork.

Production Services for

Australia & New Zealand During COVID-19

With a wealth of experience and production contacts, Clockwork Films is the ideal local production service provider for your next project in Australia or New Zealand. Our team of veteran producers can quickly turn around production budgets, location references, pull together highly skilled and experienced, good value crew and cast. With a very favorable exchange rate, we continue to offer a competitive alternative that rivals most countries.

Boasting multicultural communities, Australia and New Zealand also offer an extensive poole of ethnically diverse talent with experience in commercial advertising, feature films and television drama.

Due to an early response and social restriction measures, Australia & New Zealand have very low case numbers of COVID-19 and as such, are again open for filming, with some sensible COVID-19 Workplace Health & Safety measures in place:

* Comprehensive WHS Approved COVIDSafe Plan, meeting Government requirements to proceed with Production.

* Crew, cast & participant sizes are limited only by the size of the location according to the 4m square density rule. eg. a small to medium 200 square meter studio with good ventilation has a capacity of 50 people.

* NZ has relaxed social distancing rules and actors will be allowed to have physical touch.

* Most exterior locations are open to filming: beaches, council property, car parks, streets, parks, national parks etc.

* There are no limitations on participant numbers for exterior locations so long as Physical Distancing (1.5m) is observed (with exceptions for work as appropriate, in which case PPE is utilised).

* We have processes & experience securing permits meeting additional COVID19 Risk Assessment requirements.

* Interior location shoots are proceeding with simple cleaning & disinfectant protocols.

* Studios remain open & set construction companies are still working.

* While international travel & domestic air travel is still restricted, streaming services have been effectively utilised for approvals & supervision. Domestic travel is otherwise unrestricted for work purposes.

* We have extended our postponement without penalty period to 6 months as a response to insurance embargoes so clients can proceed with confidence.

* Camera streaming, remote meetings & live-streaming post production has been effective & well tested for robust performance.

Due to travel restrictions for US citizens, we have implemented a dynamic and competent work flow for remote directing. For monitoring, the camera feed via Teradek Wirless Transmitter & receiver is connected into an SDI to USB (eg. AJA U-Tap or similar) converter into a dedicated laptop. The input is selected in OBS Studio, which allows a camera input and switching to a holding screen between repositioning. The output is then streamed via Twitch or YouTube Live & a link is provided to participants. These platforms while still free, offer higher video streaming bandwidths and quality compared to video conferencing software. A Skype or Zoom channel is also opened for comms. If shooting multiple cameras, a switch can be added to manually switch between cameras. Alternatively a picture in picture effect can be used to create a multi screen feed. i.e. several camera feeds in different windows at once. The software also allows a constant stream from the camera even when switched off. Thus the director can easily see a continuous remote feed. We have also added an additional live stream camera (or witness camera) which allows the director to not only see the live footage, but also have a sense of being on set and have a more complete understanding of his/her surroundings. Icloud or Dropbox storage allows the director and agency to see previous takes.


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Jamie Cohen

Managing Director

m: +61 414 649 129

Vicky Ryan

Managing Director

m: +64 22 057 1659

Yvette Lubinsky Mallory

Managing Director

m: 310 386-9909




Academy Award winning actors, a cosmopolitan range of ethnicities and English speaking talent and extras.


We have adaptive, collaborative, multi skilled crew with a “no worries” attitude.


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Let us deal with the logistics… VISAS, Permits, Health & Safety, Travel & so on…